Untold Tales

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Clone Wars

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Welcome to UTCW!

We are a newly founded Arma 3 starsim unit looking for new members to join the ranks of the 501st, Lightning Squadron, Advanced Republic Commandos, and many more squads, platoons, and companies. Our members are all here to have a good time and always look forward to helping new recruits. We operate on a day to day basis with a dedicated server hosted on a top of the line system.

Our primary objective is to create a group of players who love to work as a team to achieve victory for the Galactic Republic. We utilize the ever fantastic Star Wars Opposition mod along with a good chunk of other utility mods to provide a realistic fictional galaxy of opportunities. Although we primarily focus on Clone operations, we also have many "fun ops" in which we play as rebels, the Galactic empire, and so much more. 

Main Operations

Main Ops are not required and are held every Friday at 7pm EST. These operations will have a story background, a clear objective, and are always related to Star Wars.

Fun Operations

Fun Ops are a great way to meet members of UTCW in a fun and Semi-Casual environment. These operations are available whenever requested as long as there's a Zeus available.


After completing your interview, you will attend Initial Training. After passing Initial Training, you may attend additional MOS trainings at your own leisure.

501st Legion

Welcome to the 501st Legion! We are the main troops on the ground in the frontlines of any battle. We support the Advanced Recon Commandos, the elite soldiers of the Battalion. Our Legion runs a total of six Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) certifications: Radio Operations, Medical, Assault, Grenadier, Support, and Marksman. After being trained in any of these MOS certifications, a soldier may use the specialty equipment during any operation. Join the 501st and get your boots on the ground! We need you!

Lightning Squadron

We are Lightning Squadron, you’re friendly neighborhood fly-boys. Through the use of highly trained pilots that fly a number of air vehicles such as LAAT’s, ARC-170’s, and Y-Wings, Lightning Squadron keeps the skies clear of enemy contacts and ensures you get to the Area of Operations safe and sound. We are the newest of the departments in UTCW and are capable of a wide variety of support functions such as CAS-Strikes, Medevacs, Scouting, Air-to-Air Combat, Resupplies, and Troop Inserts. We take pride in delivering the payload right to the Separatists’ front door.

Advanced Recon Commandos

The Advanced Recon Commandos are tasked with only the most critical objectives. Ranging from stealth to search and destroy, the Republic counts on ARC to take care of the dirty work. Each member is proficient in all standard MOS certifications and holds the title of Special Forces. ARC has the full arsenal of the Grand Army of the Republic to help them complete their objectives. Trained to be independent in combat, and thought, The Advanced Recon Commandos are here to perform some of the most advanced tactical maneuvers on the field of play.

Interested in Joining?

We don't want our members to feel tied down. We are Semi-Casual which means we don't have super strict playtime requirements. If you are not able to attend the Main Operations, you are not required to do so. UTCW is rather small but growing each day, anyone wanting the smaller group fun with lots of opportunities for movement in the group should sign up today!

To join UTCW, you must be at least 15 years old and have a working microphone.
The process begins by joining our discord.

Discord Invite

After joining the discord, feel free to message anyone who is a Lieutenant or higher to conduct your interview.
All further steps will be explained after your interview.